I’m Kathy and my backround is heavily based in science. I have a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, specifically in the field of human nutrition. I also have an interest in physical fitness and physical therapies. I’ve acquired certificates and diplomas in what many would consider “natural therapies” – things like remedial massage, shiatsu and acupuncture.  I believe in healthy eating habits and a healthy, active and natural lifestyle. I believe that vaccination can be part of that healthy, natural lifestyle.  I listen to my mummy instincts but I am not naive to the biases we all have as human beings. When it comes to serious matters like mine and my children’s health I read evidence-based information from respectable sources.   I follow the science on vaccination.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Jana says:

    Profound Information to show off with.;-) Thank you Kathy. I´m curious what made you write this blog? Were you hacked off by antivaxxers ?

    • Not really. I gain very little inspiration from antivaxxers 🙂 I found that some vaccine topics were lacking in a good user friendly/layperson’s explananation.

  2. Even though I vaccinate I’ve found detailed and approachable answers to several lingering questions on your blog, thanks so much for taking the time to write it!!

  3. David says:

    Hi, Kathy! Really appreciate your blog. I am also on the topic of debunking vaccine myths, in a Swedish blog. There are some areas you’ve covered which I couldn’t possibly hope to improve upon – notably ingestion vs injection – yet I feel would be helpful for Swedish readers to access in their own language. I firmly believe that accessibility of information is key to winning this battle. In areas where I have nothing of value to add, would you mind if I translated parts of your material; obviously with a reference back to you?

    • Hi David and thanks for your interest in my blog! Yes, that is completely ok with me. Getting correct information out there is definitely key to winning this battle. Thank you for your dedication 🙂

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